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Real Bass


REAL BASS is a free application for the Android system that simulates acoustic and electric bass on your phone/tablet screen. A fun, lightweight and easy to use app. Ideal for those who enjoy or want to learn to play.With Real Bass you can get a taste of being a master of the bass guitar! The application has realistic sounds of acoustic, fingered, picked, slapped, distorted and synthesized bass guitar. Sounds recorded with studio-quality audio!
Easy to use! It has a recording mode that allows you to track live music. For example, you can record a track and then give the play and play a solo on your recording. The application comes with 16 loops to play along. Also allows you to improvise on top of other songs from your library.
Features of Real Bass:* Multitouch* 6 types of bass guitar* 16 loops to play along* Realistic guitar sounds* Studio audio quality* Instruments such as electric bass guitars and acoustic bass guitar* Recording mode* Export your records to mp3* Works with all screen resolutions - Cell Phones and Tablets (HD)* Free
The application is free. But you can remove all advertisements by purchasing a license! Try the best bass app of the Google Play! Made for bassists, professional musicians, amateurs or beginners! Have a good time!
REAL BASS是模拟手机/平板电脑屏幕上的声学和电贝司Android系统的免费应用程序。一个有趣的,重量轻,易于使用的应用程序。非常适合那些谁喜欢或想学打球。
真正的低音的特点:* 多点触摸* 6种类型的低音吉他的* 16环沿打*逼真的吉他声音*工作室音频质量*仪器如电贝司吉他和声学低音吉他*录制模式*导出您的记录MP3*与所有的屏幕分辨率作品 - 手机和平板电脑(高清)* 自由
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